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Superheros @ Authenticity Circle

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This workshop has been designed for all the superheroines in our lives who don’t know their power yet. Superman has Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne has Batman. Why not create your own? If you’re an introvert, an alter ego gives you the freedom to become a bigger, bolder version of yourself. Even if you’re naturally extroverted you can utilize an alter ego to drive your message home in an over the top and even more entertaining way. This is also a great way to develop your personal brand, and all fun.

Alter ego: (noun) a different version of yourself

The right alter ego can be your personal launch point to grow your platform and expand your brand. Your ego is not your amigo. It causes you to hold back and not take chances because it’s human nature to worry about the eight deadly words: What will others think? What will others say? The problem is that holding back never produced great results.

Why go through this process?

There is also a huge intangible benefit a lot of people don’t see. An alter ego enables you to compartmentalize your work from your personal life. Just like an entertainer we are all on stage in our businesses but much of life is lived off stage in the company of family and friends.

We are not and need not be the same person at home as we are in the office or on the stage. We all have two selves: our work self and our home self. How do you shift into high gear at work and then down-shift and be truly present at home? Conceptually, I love to INTEGRATE different parts of ourselves, and at the same time we can engage different sources of power from within us.