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On being fired

I have been fired from pretty much every job I have ever worked. I have set up so many businesses and projects. Many failed. Some didn’t even get off the ground.


I have learnt, however, not to define myself by my experiences and by my failures. Instead, I define myself by the words which I choose to use.


Also, as cheesy as it sounds, being fired, helped me to find my own fire.


I asked my best friend once. Why do we do what we do? The chasing? The running? The adventure? The work? The people? The experiences?


She replied. “Because we feel the fire in our belly”

She was right. She never let me off the hook. Never let me feel sorry for myself. And never, ever, left me feeling uninspired.


So here it is. To the start of the ETERNAL FLAME (#Bangles). I have learnt, that sometimes we chase the spark. You know. That feeling. That moment. The elation. But the spark, is just that. It is a spark. It is a split second. It is a moment in time.

Whether it comes to a business, a friendship, or a romantic relationship the spark can only get your so far. It is required, that is true. But it is not going to get you there! Think about it, when you go camping, don’t you need to continue to move around the wood? Fan the flame? Add pieces of paper or tissue? In order to keep it burning all night. This is the case, both at the campsite, and in your belly, this is what is required.


My lesson is to keep moving. Keep shifting. Keep adapting. What works one minute or one day, may not work the next hour or the next month. God gave you a brain. Use it! Think. Move a small piece in your life and maybe it will help the flame to burn longer. Maybe it will die down. But when it dies down, don’t let it go out. Don’t let it go out.


If it happens, it’s ok. This is probably you quitting your job or a bout of depression. It’s ok. Just don’t stop.


So, dear readers. Here’s to a lifetime of fire full bellies and some hot stuff.


In the words of Rumi: “Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames”