Zainub Jenna Bata

Speaker – Writer – Poet 

I am a nomad, a wanderer, a wonderer, a gypsy, homeless. I write poetry for the Huffington Post and perform spoken word (including at TEDx Dubai). I dance zouk and perform stand-up/improvisation. My WORD creates my reality, and I try where I can to live an inspired life, no matter what the circumstance.

When I realised ‘I am enough’, I stopped chasing. People, experiences, money. Everything inside. Everything started with ME.

My work as a mediator, circle holder and conflict resolution coach has allowed me to learn more about human nature than I ever thought possible. I have also worked independently with women led businesses in various industries over the last 5 years helping them to plan their businesses.

I have delivered, and will continue to deliver, training in the area of communication, public speaking, assertiveness and conflict resolution in various cities, including Dubai, Kabul, Toronto and various parts of the United States, all places where I have lived during my working life, in addition to New York, Bangkok and Delhi.

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