Be inspired

To be inspired, is often associated with positivity, excitement, movement, doing things and achieving. On the other hand, Being, is associated with stillness, doing nothing and being at a standstill.

Is it possible to be both in motion, yet still at the same time? Can we be both lightness and darkness, good and bad, successful and spiritual?

Is it possible to have seemingly opposite attributes and not be in conflict?

Life is all of these things, sometimes at the same time, yet life is also empty and meaningless. Living is hard and painful.

This is not something you would expect as the opening line to an organisation dedicated to inspired living. You are familiar with inspiration meaning bright blue skies and turquoise oceans kissing the white sand where you are snoozing in a hammock. That is escapism. How can you be in the moment, if you are constantly trying to escape it?

Inspired living is finding beauty, power and love in the moments which are unfolding in front of you. The good, bad and ugly.

Ever felt powerless? Depleted? Drained? Withdrawn? Conflicted? Angry? Worthless? These feelings are all part of the human experience. So let’s work with what we have got, and be where we are to become the best version of ourselves and continue creating. Remember, everything starts with YOU!

In this website you will find poetry, quotes, spoken word, workshops, services and opportunities to facilitate inspired living. From women’s circles to mediation, mental health checks and words to inspire – so go ahead and click on my BIO to find out more & explore the website to learn more.